Out with the old?

How long is it since you used a typewriter? Maybe it seems that long since you last searched for something on the internet with a laptop or desktop computer. These days we all seem to be too busy to sit down. We search for information from our phones and tablets.

We have just finished a complete rewrite of the Brougham Street Bazaar website to optimise this mobile website experience for you. Why? Because as of tomorrow, Google will promote mobile web friendly websites in mobile searches. We are making it as easy as possible for you to keep on finding out about Brougham Street Bazaar, whether you are on the move or at home.

One lump or two?

Royal Winton Sweetpea Creamer and Sugar Bowl

The new owners of these lovely pieces said they take one lump.

Maybe you will want two... These beautiful Royal Winton all-over floral creamer and sugar pot were so admired that they barely made it on display at Brougham Street Bazaar before they were snapped up by a discerning collector. So that might be one for your tea and one for your head when you realise you have missed out.

Journey in time

Silver Tea Service

Rain streaks across the window. Lights flash past outside the carriage and the train rattles on through the stormy night. You look up to see the steward open the compartment door with the silver tea service on a glittering tray. The wintry night on the other side of the glass seems far away as you sip on your evening cuppa.

Maybe not every silver tea service is part of the orient express, but we can dream. The Brougham Street Bazaar is where you can find the echoes of your dreams in every nook and cranny.

Soup time?

Meakin Tureen

Are you ready for Winter? There is nothing like a hearty soup. All those delicious vegetables, maybe some barley or pumpkin and ginger?

Are you going to just put bowls out on the table, or can you keep all your diners in suspense by parading into the dining room with the secret of tonight’s flavours hidden under the lid of this beautiful Meakin Soup Tureen.

Autumn beckons

Every now and then I get a piece which seems to match the season so well. This circa 1930 hand-painted Tunstall jug reminds me of the shortening days and that little nip in the evening air that says to us all that Autumn is coming on. The golden colour of the leaves in this design tells of the turn of seasons.

Whether you want to put it on a shelf with some flowers or have it on the table at dinner this piece will compliment your decor and serve you well.

1930s Tunstall Jug